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Scope of the Bunsen Colloquium "Mobility of Ions in Solids"

The mobility and diffusivity of ions in solids is a vital topic for fundamental as well as application-inspired research. The Bunsen Colloquium 2017 entitled “Mobility of Ions in Solids” follows previous Bunsen Colloquia in this area held in Hannover in 2014, 2011 and 2009 and is conceived, on the one hand, as the final colloquium of the DFG Research Unit FOR 1277 (molife) “Mobility of Lithium Ions in Solids”. Molife is devoted to the fundamentals of Li diffusion and transport – both fast and slow – in crystalline and amorphous ceramic solids, being studied by a large variety of methods (www.for1277molife.uni-hannover.de). It has been running since 2010 with Leibniz Universität Hannover as speaker university and the (Technical) Universities Berlin, Bonn, Clausthal, Graz and Oldenburg.

On the other hand, the Bunsen Colloquium is intended to broaden the scope from lithium ion diffusion to the dynamics of other ions like alkali, fluoride or oxygen ions, both from the fundamental and the application-oriented points of view.


  • Li-ion conductors and related topics such as

    • Diffusion (microscopic/macroscopic)
    • Structure
    • Synthesis

  • Theoretical investigation and modelling of ion conductors
  • Diffusion of other alkali and earth-alkali ions, e.g. Na, K, Mg, Ca ("post Li-ion")
  • Investigation of anion diffusion, e.g. fluorine and oxygen
  • Applications for energy storage, sensors, ...