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Bunsen Colloquium 2017

The Bunsen Colloquium "Mobility of Ions in Solids" is going to take place at the Leibniz Universität Hannover on April 5-6, 2017. Here you will find regularly updated information on the Bunsen Colloquium, its scope and program, as well as information on registration as participant and abstract submission. Furthermore, we help you to find a suitable accomodation and provide you with information on the venue of the Bunsen Colloquium.

The Bunsen Colloquium "Mobility of Ions in Solids" is intended to shed light on the fundamentals of ionic diffusion in solids, which is in the focus of the DFG Research Unit FOR 1277 "molife" for Li ion diffusion. Besides the special topic of Li ion diffusion presented by members of FOR 1277 molife, the topic will be extended to other diffusing species like other alkali ions or anions and to possible applications.

We look forward to your participation in the Bunsen Colloquium "Mobility of Ions in Solids", hope for fruitful and intense discussions, and we are pleased to welcome you!